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MAX dental implant systems provide a body with a diameter to fill the molar site and achieve remarkable primary stability during insertion.

The MAX Tapered Dental Implant System is the first to allow immediate placement into a multi-root molar extraction site.


Strong taper designed to achieve optimal primary stability

Beveled machined neck minimizes plate adhesion

Integrated platform switching
Offset of the prosthetic platform in each of the available configurations


High strength titanium
fatigue resistance

Rounded apex
Avoid perforation of the
sinus membrane

SIenergy™ Surface
Alumina sandblasted surface
with more than 20 years
clinical results


A conventional implant is not suitable for immediate placement in the extraction socket of a molar. Therefore, waiting periods of three to four months are necessary to allow the socket to heal before implant placement. Often, the healed extraction site has reduced bone height, inadequate for implant placement without a bone augmentation procedure.


The award-winning MAX dental implant systems feature a larger diameter body than conventional implants to fill the molar site and achieve primary stability through engagement in the inter-radicular bone. With tapered dental implant bodies and an improved surface, the MAX tapered dental implant is designed to follow the natural shape of the molar socket. The end result is an optimal fit of the implant in the immediate multi-root extraction site that minimizes bone loss and reduces treatment time.


American Academy of Osseointegration (AO) - Best Innovation Award, 2008

The SABS - Design Excellence Awards - Medical Devices, 2010

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MAX Extraction Site.png
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Video & Information

Surgical advantages

Prosthetic Benefits

  • Ideal for immediate placement after extraction.

  • Limitation of the need for bone grafting.

  • Simplifies the procedure in the case of multiple implantations.

  • Use of standard surgical protocol and instrumentation.

  • Proven scientific and clinical database.

  • Optimized orientation allows for simplified restoration.

  • Predictable aesthetics, especially in the anterior areas.

  • Allows screw-retained restorations.

  • Simplifies laboratory protocols and the use of CAD/CAM.

  • Allows the use of standard prosthetic components.

Technical characteristics

  • Available with External Hex, Provata, Tri-Nex, Internal Hex and IT CONNECTION connection interfaces.

  • Platform correction of 12°, 24° or 36°, depending on range and diameter.

  • Diameters ranging from 3.25 to 6.0mm.

  • Lengths ranging from 8.5 to 18mm.

  • Rough surface obtained by alumina bead blasting, without etching, giving a moderately rough surface with 15 years of clinical results.

  • Available in completely rough surface or with hybrid surface MSc (Machined Surface Coronal).


MAX Product Sheet

Protocol - Implant MAX

Classification of Molar Extraction Sites

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