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System of osseointegrated fixations for the rehabilitation of severely resorbed maxillae.

The implant solutions in this range extend the use of bone-anchored implants in the management of patients who cannot be treated with standard protocols.

External Hex


Plus "indulgent" dans
situations d'impassibilité
ajustement ou divergence d'implant


Section MSC de 6 mm

Diminue l'adhérence des bactéries et risque de la péri-implantite



Angulation à 55° de la plateforme prothétique


Titane haute résistance

Permet de plus fortes résistances à la fatigue.

Variations corporelles


Pour correspondre à la classification ZAGA et aux techniques de mise en place

Apex plus étroit


Idéal pour les patients avec une anatomie plus restreinte.





Implant Dimensions_2.png



As a result of traumatic accidents, resections in oncology or congenital malformations, patients present with loss of bone and soft tissue. These situations can have significant physical and psychological effects on the patient.

The placement of zygomatic implants is also indicated in fully edentulous patients or in patients with unilateral or bilateral maxillary edentulousness, particularly those with moderate to severe bone resorption.



Zygomatic 55° Implants were introduced by Southern Implants in 2002, featuring a higher angulation to allow the axis of the prosthetic restoration to be at the level of the dental arch and not at the level of the palate, thus offering prosthetic versatility.

More recently, Southern Implants has expanded the XNUMX° Zygomatic Implant range with the Oncology Implant and the Zygan Implant.

The Oncology implant features threading on the apical 15mm and a machined coronal surface that can be exposed to soft tissue during oncology resections.

The Zygan Implant features a narrow apex, smooth midsection, and MSc threaded coronal portion. This implant is particularly useful in patients with smaller autonomies.

The Zygex Implant offers the same machined area with a 3.4mm narrower apex (threaded body diameter).

Surgical advantages

Prosthetic Benefits

  • Wide range of surgical options suitable for different indications

  • Design of profiles and surface conditions adapted to clinical situations

  • Wide range of protein options for screw-retained and cement-retained restorations

  • 55° angled zygomatic connection

  • Z-screws prosthetic screws

Technical characteristics

  • Zygomatic Implants

  • Diameter 4mm, lengths from 27.5mm to 60mm

  • Zygan Implants

  • Diameter 4mm, lengths from 27.5mm to 60mm

  • Zygex Implants

  • Diameter 4mm, lengths from 27.5mm to 60mm

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Zygomatic sheet

Product Catalog Zygomatics

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