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Proven concept since 2000
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Cylindrical version
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Tapered version

Southern Implants' line of IT implants feature an internal octagonal connection, with an interface proven by Swiss and US manufacturers. The implant connection interface consists of a vertex with a 45 degree external bevel, and an anti-rotation internal octagon, with an 8 degree taper.

Southern Implants manufactures these implants in cylindrical and conical versions, with the same surface treatment (SInergy) as used on all our other implants.

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In addition to offering a wide range of prosthetic options (cemented, screw-retained, unitary and plural, stabilization of removable prosthesis) we offer implants with internal octagonal connection in the Co-Axis® ITST12d version, with an axis adjustment under the crestal of 12 degrees, allowing to reconcile surgical and prosthetic axis and also in MAX-IT version for posterior treatments after extraction.


ITST Co-Axis

A marvel of engineering, the ITST Co-Axis® implant is available in tapered versions in diameters ø4mm and ø5.0mm (prosthetic platform ø4.8mm), in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14mm and all feature an angle of 12 degrees integrated in the implant connection interface (reference ITST12d). The Co-Axis® solution eliminates the need for custom fabricated abutments or angled abutments. The Co-Axis® implant offers an ideal solution for the anterior maxilla, or simply for situations where the available bone does not allow the ideal angulation of the implant. The availability of the angled interface makes restoration much easier.


Une merveille d'ingénierie

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The MAX-IT implant is based on the design of our external hex MAX implant, with which we have had great success in supporting post-extraction treatments.

Offering you a greater choice in the IT range, we have developed the MAX-IT, with the internal octagonal connection, allowing to widen the field of indications and patient care.
The MAX-IT implant protocol is intended solely for immediate placement in molar extraction sockets.

The MAX-IT implant is available in diameter ø7 (prosthetic platform ø4.8mm), ø8 and ø9 mm (prosthetic platform ø6.5mm), in lengths 7, 9 and 11 mm. All implants in this range incorporate a horizontal shift at the implant-abutment junction (Platform-shift).

The entire IT range fits into an open digital workflow offering standard and individualized prosthetic solutions.

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